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Dedicated Servers

Welcome to one of the fastest dedicated server and website hosting platform on the planet, we’ll get you a great dedicated server or website hosting plan at an attractive price point with all the great features a great technology has to offer.

Your dedicated servers comes with a good reputation so your dedicated server is easily managed by yourself or dedicated server team of experts.

Dedicated Servers


Dedicated Servers are a great way to house your dedicated server hardware and software remotely within the secured datacentre and professional IT systems.

Dedicated Servers are perfect when you find that shared web site hosting is simply not enough to do the task ahead and you need complete power, control and performance upgrades done.  This is where fast dedicated servers come into play.

2018 Dedicated Servers Buyer's Guide.

Dedicated Servers are designed to speed up and allow you to have complete control over your SAAS or IAAS product.

Fast Dedicated Server comes with entry level dedicated server specifications for you to get started with your hosting solution.

Intel E3-1240 CPU, 8GB RAM, 120GB SATA or SSD Hard Drives with Raid 1 Backups.  Remote Support is available any time of the day or night and is easily accessible 24x7x365.

Dedicated Servers


Fast Website Hosting - WordPress + Installatron with cPanel and WooCommerce Dedicated Servers