Fast Web Hosting (MySQL Databases) with cPanel and Geotrust SSL Certificates

Fast Web Hosting with cPanel and Geotrust SSL Certificates – Super-fast web hosting made easy.

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Fast web hosting is important when you come to web site hosting on the web.  You need to get super-fast web hosting that’s shared with cPanel users thats not necessarily shared with thousands, you need a fast web hosting plan that’s shared with a few. 

cPanel is a control panel that is helpful to use cPanel to get easy access to your web hosting services, of course you can do this by your command line interface but it can sometimes be tedious and drawn out by entering in command lines all the time.  It is easier of course to just tap or point and click to do the same task.  cPanel does this with special software when you have your web site hosting plan activated.

Fast Web Hosting also needs to be protected and this is where a basic SSL certificate comes in, Skybridge Domains utilises Geotrust SSL Certificates – Basic Rapid SSL Certificates is a great place to start, if you want to get a more advanced Geotrust SSL Certificate then Skybridge Domains SSL certificates has those to.

  1. Fast Web Hosting with 1 MySQL Database
  2. Fast Web Hosting with 1 Email
  3. Fast Web Hosting with 1 Sub Domain
  4. Fast Web Hosting with 1 Domain Name

Why Get a MySQL Database?

You could get many fast web hosting services and opt for different plan options and upgrade your web site hosting to meet your exact requirements.  Although, We’ve found that even the more advanced websites, use “Fast Web Hosting options with 1 MySQL Database”.   

MySQL Database gives you one database to install something like WordPress, Magento or OSCommerce. 

Fast Web Hosting with cPanel

You can then proceed to open a wordpress + woocommerce web store easily, efficiently and fast. 

We will even offer basic training with web hosting, WordPress and cPanel as we stand by our web hosting product.  Sounds like it could cost a small fortune? True that in the 1990’s.  With the global spread of the internet – we now offer fast web hosting from $12/month AUD + GST.

Fast Website Hosting - WordPress + Installatron with cPanel and WooCommerce Dedicated Servers