20/02/2018 How do I reset my password without using wp-admin WordPress Reset Password?

How do I login to my WordPress control Panel? Easy. You can login many ways into WordPress but we have found this way to be the most direct and simplest.  Even if you are a beginner and never used wordpress before.

Simply open your web browser, safari, microsoft internet explorer, Firefox.  go to your domain name, e.g., (wordpress admin) for short.

press enter

Proceed to login your username and password then click Login.

You will be then logged into your WordPress Administration Control Panel Web Hosting.

How to Reset your WordPress Password (wp-admin) manually inside WHM/SQL Manager/PHPMYADMIN?

David Gawler is a Web Hosting Professional and Certified in IT for many years and comes with 8+ years of high tech experience working for various companies great and small.  David Gawler specialises in Website Security.

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