WORDPRESS LATEST UPDATE HAS ARRIVED! WordPress 4.9.3 Is the latest version of WordPress – Be sure to perform regular updates! Basic WordPress 4.9.3 Update Training 101.  Everyone needs to update their version WordPress!

WOW, 34 bugs fixed with WordPress 4.9.3.

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Everyone needs to update their version WordPress!  Unsure how to do it yourself? Feel free to contact us and let one of experts do the update for you, we can securely remote to any computer via the secure and industry standard teamviewer application to perform the update for you.

If you wish, you can email david.gawler@skybridgedomains.com and we’ll update wordpress for you in seconds.  We update hundreds of thousands on a yearly basis.  It is our speciality and all we ask is for you to browse, click or tap around this web site.

What is WordPress? “WordPress is a blogging platform that is owned and hosted online by Automattic. It is run on WordPress, an open source piece of software used by bloggers.  If you install and setup the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress, your wordpress becomes a fully fledged e-commerce platform – complete with Credit Card, Pay Pal Checkouts, etc.”

WordPress is one of the greatest and most widely used blogging platforms used out there on the web today and can even support ecommerce features now.  WordPress 4.9.3 Is the latest version of WordPress – Be sure to perform regular updates!  

WordPress you can easily run a built-in updater called WordPress Update to update your version of WordPress.  This is easily achieved securely via your WP admin control panel.  

Login to WP Admin.

Click or tap to your dashboard.

When you are on your WP Admin dashboard, you tap or click to “updates” on the far left.  You can check to see if you got the latest version of WordPress 4.9.3 by clicking or tapping on “Check Again”.

Wordpress 4.9.3 Skybridge Domains

If your WordPress reads 4.9.3 or greater and WordPress says its the latest version of WordPress installed then you have to do no more work and you’ll see that the latest version is installed.  You can continue on adding more brilliant content to your website.

WordPress is easy to update once you know how and used the WordPress Updater every few weeks or every time there is a WordPress Update. Update it. It is often wise to do a website full backup in your cpanel or wordpress to make sure you can recover from your update should something go wrong.
Your WordPress Admin Update section will read something to this nature.
WordPress Updates
Last checked on February 6, 2018 at 12:20 am. Check Again

You have the latest version of WordPress.
If you need to re-install version 4.9.3, you can do so here:

Re-install Now

Your plugins are all up to date.

Your themes are all up to date.

You can choose to Reinstall or Install the update if you have not done so.  If or some reason you wish to re install the latest version of the Update 4.9.3 then simply click or tap the Reinstall button.

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